National Administrative Credential

Course Content

The Director Credential Program is divided into 5 Sessions each containing 2 distinct units of study. Each session is approximately 4 hours long. Participants can sign up for individual sessions or complete all 5 Sessions and the Test/Praxis to earn their Director Credential. (45 contact hours/45 CEU's)

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Session A: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 1: Fiscal Management: Developing the Budget

  • Corporate entities
  • Center budgeting
  • Personnel benefits/policies
  • Strategies to increase profit margin

Unit 2: Insurance For Your Center

  • Protecting Assets
  • Determining Liability and Amounts
  • Types of Coverage

 Session B: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 3: Recruiting, Hiring & New Teacher Orientation

  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Hiring Practices
  • Developing and Implementing New Teacher Training

Unit 4: Employee Handbooks, Evaluations and Job Descriptions

  • Developing & Evaluating Employee Handbooks
  • Effective Evaluation Practices
  • Minimizing Conflict with Job Descriptions

 Session C: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 5: Parent Communication

  • Strategies for Staff/Parent Communication
  • Health and safety
  • Developing and Evaluating a Parent’s Handbook
  • Selling and the Enrollment Process

Unit 6: Child Development – The Essentials

  • Ages/Stages
  • Literacy, Math, Science, Diversity    
  • Playground Assessment Strategies  
  • Classroom Observations

 Session D: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 7: Working With the Difficult Employee

  • Confrontation Techniques  
  • Dealing with Absenteeism  
  • Developing a Discipline Plan  
  • Termination Strategies  
  • Classroom Observations

Unit 8: Administrative Leadership

  • Team Building
  • Planning Strategies
  • Respect of Diversity
  • Row charts and Organizational Structure

 Session E: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 9: The New Economy Challenges and Opportunities

  • Understanding Marketing
  • Strategies to Overcome the “NEW” Challenges
  • Demographic/Psychographic

Unit 10: Train the Trainer

  • Methods and Styles of Learning
  • Getting Certified to Train Your own Staff

 Session F: Credential Praxis

(25 Contact Hours/2.5 CEUs for Completion)

When attending the full conference, each Session is worth 4 Hours/ .4 CEUs for a total of 20 hours for sessions A-E.  Convert the 20 contact hours / 2 CEUs from attendance in sessions A-E into the NAC (which is worth 45 contact hours/4.5 CEUs) by completing the Praxis. Students will be assigned an instructor to advise them during the completion of their project from home if they have questions. Students also have the option of registering for tutoring to complete their praxis during the event, at a future event or to get additional help from home on their praxis. 


Optional Praxis Tutoring Session

Optional Tutoring ($170)  Students who elect to stay for tutoring will receive a list of documentation to bring with them. The presenter will provide individualized assistance to each tutoring participant in order to help them put together and complete their Praxis. Tutoring allows students the opportunity of completing their test and praxis at the event and leave having earned their certificate. Those who wish to participate in tutoring are advised to register for this service at least 3 days before the event in order to arrive prepared for tutoring. Tutoring is usually offered on Saturday and Sunday of each event from approximately 5:15 pm - 8:15 pm.

HandPrint Products

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Consulting Services

During the past decade, Bradley Smith has led HandPrint Productions to become the leader in consulting of childcare business practices.  This includes: fiscal management, enrollment management, marketing, human resource, small business issues, and leadership.  In addition, the services include help with specific issues concerning handling sensitive issues to avoid fall-out or minimize the likelihood of litigation.  Currently, consulting services are available including: on demand, monthly access, 30 day, long distance, on-site, and extended services.  In addition, career and business coaching and mentoring services are also available.  Contact us  for more information or to schedule a consult.  We guarantee your satisfaction!