NICCM Program Options

National Administrator's Credential (N.A.C.) $449  Provided by specialists who have successfully worked in the industry in which they provide training.  The NICCM NAC Credential gives an administrator the same type of credibility that being accredited gives a center.  Furthermore, it is a proven fact that credentialed professionals can command higher salaries.

NAC Renewal $119  We have many options to help you renew your NICCM NAC or convert your current non-NICCM credential.  Meeting the requirements for renewing your NICCM NAC is a simple process and carries no additional fee.

Distance Learning $499 Both the NICCM's NAC and the CDA Fast Track Course are available as a convenient and flexible distance/home-based program. Distance Learning Courses are available through our innovative video based web version.  Earn or renew your credential from home.

3-Day CDA Fast Track $449 NICCM’s program will get participants CDA ready in as few as 3 days.  Think this is impossible?  Hundreds of participants have already accomplished this with our program.  Our CDA specialist will walk you through the entire process in ONLY 3 days.  (Also available as a distance program)

Texas Director Credential $449 A “user friendly” two-and-a-half-day option with unsurpassed management training and a competitive price.  NICCM’s Credential Program is an approved Texas Director Credential. 

Florida Director Credential $449  Call  602-476-1422 for more information on how NICCM's NAC can help you earn your Florida Director's Credential. NOW APPROVED by the TEACH Scholarship!

Utah Approved Educational Credential $449 The NICCM National Admistrator's Credenential NAC is now accepted as a valid "Educational Credential" to meet the qualification for child care center directors.  The CDA earned from the CDA Fast Track course is also an approved Utah Educational Credential. 

New Mexico NAC $449 The NICCM National Admistrator's Credenential NAC is accepted for Director qualification in New Mexico.  

Louisiana Director Qualification $449  The NICCM National Admistrator's Credenential NAC  meets director qualifications required by Bulletin 137 1709.2. in Louisiana. 

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About Bradley


Bradley Smith has been an adult educator and motivational speaker for over 20 years.

His knowledge and expertise in the areas of child care center management, human resources, leadership, business issues and classroom procedures ...

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Online Training

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Leadership Retreat



Starting at $109

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Leadership Retreat copy THE NICCM LEADERSHIP RETREAT is structured to be a vision casting and TEAM building event.  Whether attending solo or with a group, this day is guaranteed to be highly motivational and provide all participants with numerous takeaways that will positively impact their program. 

LEARN: Learning is essesntial to continued success in an early education program. Early Education is a quickly changing industrly with evershiftling challenges. The successful administrator is also constantly learning and adapting to meet these challenges.  

LEAD: collaborative TEAM environment is imperative to a continued successful program.  The LEAD session will focus on methods of leadership that will minimize turnover and increase TEAM and staff morale.  Topics covered will include:  Understanding the Nature of Influence in order to create “buy-in” and using these concepts to build your very own Leadership team that will behave like leaders.  

Grow:  Center growth and continued program growth are vital for the 21st century program. This session will highlight and target organizational growth. The focus will be on strategies to remove the attendance highs and lows of the program and bring consistent stability to enrollment and staffing.
REPEAT:  This session is at the foundation of what NICCM stands for, which is having a personal commitment to continued growth and excellence.  This session will outline methods for establishing a personal growth plan and how to coach your staff to develop their own personal growth plan.  
Registration Fees  



(30+ Days

in Advance)



(8-30 Days

in Advance)



(Within 7 Days) 


Leadership Retreat         
 $109.00 $129.00  $149.00
Group Pricing 7 or more
 $99.00pp $119.00pp  $139.00pp
Group Pricing 15 or more
 $89.00pp $109.00pp  $129.00pp
Raising the Bar 2 Day Event  $159.00  $179.00  $199.00
Group Pricing 7 or more
 $149.00pp  $169.00pp  $189.00pp
Group Pricing 15 or more  $139.00pp  $159.00pp  $179.00pp



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Recent Participants

HandPrint Products

HandPrint Products  was formed by Bradley Smith to handle his growing line of products that had been created as a support Director's and Teachers in the Early Childhood Education field. Currently HandPrint Products has a child care training video(DVD) series consisting of 50 titles, a policy and procedure system consisting of 7 manuals, books and other products including his top selling “101 Learning and Transition Activities” book.

Consulting Services

During the past decade, Bradley Smith has lead HandPrint Productions to become the leader in consulting of childcare business practices.  This includes: fiscal management, enrollment management, marketing, human resource, small business issues, and leadership.  In addition, the services include help with specific issues concerning handling sensitive issues to avoid fall-out or minimize the likelihood of litigation.  Currently, consulting services are available including: on demand, monthly access, 30 day, long distance, on-site, and extended services.  In addition, career and business coaching and mentoring services are also available.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a consult.  We guarantee your satisfaction!