Texas Director Credential Renewal

Texas Director Credential Renewal

At NICCM our goal is to provide you many options to renew your current credential.  We can help you with renewal whether you have an NICCM National Administrator's Credential (N.A.C), a Texas credential earned through another agency or any other nationally recognized credential.

Texas Director Credential Renewal

NICCM does not charge a fee for renewal. Once a current NICCM Credential holder meets the following requirements their credential will automatically renew.

1. Notify NICCM of any changes in job position, employer or contact information. 

2. Have a least 10 hours of training from NICCM during the 2 you have been credentialed.  (Hours received through NICCM will also count towards the 30 hours required by licensing annually.) You can get your NICCM required hours at with the renewal special at live event, by attending the New Leadership Retreat or through Online with Teachable.

3.  Complete renewal paperwork including the annual survey.

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NICCM Renewal Special!

Get your 10 hours for renewal for only $149.

Register for 2 Sessions for only $149

NICCM Credential holders are required to get 10 hours of Training through NICCM during their renewal year. We offer many different options for you to receive these hours. One of the ways participants can choose to earn these hours is to complete 2 sessions through a Live event.  This special allows participants to register for 1 session and get the second for free.

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NICCM Online Courses for Renewal!

Get your 10 hours for renewal ONLINE for only $139.

Now easier than ever to renew your NAC with online training with this new renewal option.  Your instructor has handpicked this set of classes for you to complete online.   The set includes the required "NICCM NAC Renewal with Teachable Introduction” , "Avoiding and Recovering from Burnout", "Center Management", "Working with the Difficult Employee" and "Time Management:For Directors" that total the 10 hours necessary to renew your NICCM NAC.  Choosing this option will simplify the process of putting together 10 hours of training through the TEACHABLE online portal and includes a special pricing. 

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Exclusive One Day Leadership Retreat!

Thursday, July 25th, 2024 - Orlando, FL

Get your 10 hours for renewal for only $139


The Leadership Retreat is another option to renew your NAC.  This high impact training and networking day will inspire and encourage you as well as provide you opportunities to network with like minded professionals.  The day will include sessions on LEARN, LEAD, GROW and REPEAT.  Each of the topics in these sessions have been chosen by the NICCM team with you in mind to help you take your center and career to the next level.  This is also a great opportunity to be in sessions featuring Bradley Smith and has extended time for Q and A.  Space is limited so be sure and register early.  

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 Renewing Another Credential 

Unhappy with your current credentialing agency?  Want to stream line the process? You can choose to convert your current credential to a N.A.C from NICCM.  Generally, we can offer this as an easier and less expensive option than renewing through your current credentialing agency.  Check with us prior to renewall...It never hurts to look at options!


Texas Credential or a N.A.C. Earned Through Another Agency

If you have a credential from another agency NICCM can help you renew it. We can help you get the hours that you need to renew credential through your current agency or help you convert your current credential to a NICCM National Administrator's Credential.  Many of the other organizations charge a fee for renewal, we do not have a renewal fee. 

4 Reasons You Should Renew or Convert Your Credential with NICCM

1. Quality Training - Our classes are constantly being updated to ensure that they are relevant to today's Child Care Director and the distinct challenges he/she faces. 

2. No fee for renewal - At NICCM we do not charge a fee for renewal, once you meet the requirements and submit the paperwork we will send you your credential. We do everything we can to make it easy to renew. There are no additional fees. 

3. We Offer Many Options for Training. Complete your training online for join us at a live event in your area or in one of the many cities we visit.

4. NICCM's Credential is a National Administrative Credential - Our Credential is on the approved list for Texas and is also a National Credential and is therefore recognized as a mark of distinction in every state of the nation. 


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