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CDA Fast Track

Distance Learning Program

NICCM CDA Fast Track is also available as a video web-based distance option.  Do our Fast Track on your schedule.  Here is how it works:  Shortly after you register you will receive your materials, which will include an instructional/course manual, the “CDA National Credentialing Program and Competency Standards” booklet, online access to pre-recordings of course sessions, and the contact information of your instructor.

The course materials will outline a strategy for you to follow to complete the NICCM CDA Fast Track course.

You will be linked directly to your instructor who is a REAL person. They will be available through email or phone to help if you have questions.

At NICCM and HandPrint, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams AND we have developed FAST TRACK methods to help you do this. 

Having and maintaining a National CDA is more important to the success of your career than ever before.  Now there is an option in which you can literally get this accomplished over a week-end.

Course Content 

Class A: (5 Contact Hours/.5 CEUs)

Introduction: Overview of the course

Unit 1:    Keys to Writing CDA Competency Statement
  Competency Statement 1:  Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
       Unit 2:    Competency Statement 2:  Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

Class B: (5 Contact Hours/.5 CEUs) 

        Unit 3:   Competency Statement 3:  Supporting children’s social and emotional development

        Unit 4:   Competency Statement 4:  Establishing positive and productive relationships with families

        Unit 5:   Competency Statement 5:  Ensuring a well-run purposeful program

        Unit 6:   Competency Statement 6:  Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

         Documenting Professional Education- 8 CDA Subject Areas 

Class C: (7 Contact Hours/.7 CEU's)

Class D: (3 Contact Hours/.3 CEUs)

                                                   C & D Class Content

                Directed Portfolio Lab:  The Directed Portfolio Lab allows for individual consultation & one-on-one time with the instructor.  Participants will work on their portfolio and meet with the instructor to discuss their statements and the documentation within their professional portfolio.

                The Professional Philosophy Statement
                Individual consultations-allows one on one with instructors
Class E: (7 Contact Hours/.7 CEU's) 

Class F: (3 Contact Hours/.3 CEUs)

                                                   E & F Class Content 

        Unit 7:   CDA Practice Exam
         Unit 8:    Instructions on completing the process
                             Understanding the Verification Visit
                             The Application Process
                             Choosing your PD Specialist
                             Finding a Pearson Vue testing site 
Distance Learning Program (Get the entire course online)
Distance Learning Program (Entire Course) plus $35 for Priority Shipping  $539.00
All registration fees and other fees are non-refundable.

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Other Information

The basic components to a National CDA include the following:

(These are NOTrequired before beginning the NICCM CDA Fast Track Course)

1.  Writing a "Professional Portfolio":  The NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast Track Introduces you to the National CDA Program, helps you prepare of your Professional Portfolio including: Writing competency statements, gathering resources, and writing a Professional Philosophy statement.  

2. 120 contact hours of training in specific content areas: This may have been received over your entire career.  NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast Track participants will bring all training certificates, session descriptions, college transcripts or course work that they have completed to the class. The program will include an opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with the presenter to help you structure any previous training into the correct content areas.  The instructor will also provide you with a training plan to expedite the completion of any hours that you may have a shortage in.

3. Documentation of 480 Hours Work Experience

4. Application to CDA Council.  After completeing the CDA Fast Track Course and meeting all CDA requirements applicants will apply online and submit the fee of $425 to the Council for Professional Recognition.

  •  The P.D. (Professional Development) Specialist: After you have completed the Professional Porfolio and the training hours summary, You will choose a PD Specialist and arrange a site visit at your center.   The NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast Track program will prepare you for this process and provide a step-by-step foundation for your PD Specialist site visit.
  • The Pearson Vue Exam:   The Pearson Vue Exam is the final step in the National CDA process.  This computer based exam will be an overview of the CDA standards.  The NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast Track will prepare you for this test and provide you with instructions on choosing a testing site in your area.

Additional Components Necessary: Before applying for a CDA applicants must also have a vailid high school diploma or GED.   In addition, family questionnaires must be distributed and collected.  The NICCM 3-Day CDA Fast track will provide a structure for satisfying and documenting these requirements. 



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Director Credential/NAC participants are saying...

"Loved the motivational coaching by Miss Pepper, support of Alycia, Amber's efficent multi-tasking and Bradley's jokes and meaningful connections." Sarah Brown, Orlando-May 2024

"Everytime I called, the response is super fast/ Amber is always super helpful/ great resource! Bradley is very knowledgeable /expert on the content/ very organized presentation/ great atmosphere to meet professionals." Shedira Taylor, Orlando-May 2024

"This was a great experience, I wish all college credit courses were like this, very informative but great." Tim Long, Orlando-May 2024

"This has been life changing for me and I'm excited to go to work tomorrow with everything we have learned. Bradley is very knowledgeable and isn't boring, he makes everything interesting and worth listening to.  I hope to come back to him as my instructor." Katelin Cortes, Boca Raton-April 2024

"This by far is one of the best 3 day comprehensive program for this work that I have ever attended. It covered all the real topics of what we encounter every single day." Shownda Pagan, Miami-January 2024

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CDA Fast Track participants are saying...

"I honestly don't know how anyone could navigate the complexity of this process without your guidance. I would recommend this class to anyone trying to obtain a CDA." Lessie Raffield Orlando-May 2024 

"The fact that we got everything done in a weekend.  I feel confident about the test.  I am confident about the whole experience" Joanne Dyer Adeniyi, Boca Raton-April 2024

"Chips were great and so was Tanya and Pepper!" Anonymous, Jacksonville-April 2024

"Bradley and Pepper were amazing! They made the weekend fun and informative! They were good at making you feel welcome and knowing your name so you don't feel small and unnoticed."  Kelli Hobbs, San Antonio-March 2024

“I will never forget this experience. It was amazing !! And having the opportunity to have such amazing people and uplifting people around, you just made it 10 times better. You guys have an amazing staff and I am so grateful that I was able to accomplish everything I did this weekend.” Mikalah Mae, Tampa-February 2024

"Most dedicated, passionate, fun and educated team I have ever met! Thank you Mr. Bradley, Ms. Amber, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Pepper for an Amazing weekend! God Bless!" Marie Cerbone, Miami-January 2024 writing this to make it even so silly i am tire

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