Oklahoma Director's Credential

Oklahoma Director's Credential

NICCM now offers 2 courses that meet requirements for Director Credential Requirements in Oklahoma.  The National Administrator's Credential (NAC) course offered by NICCM has been approved by the Oklahoma Registry as meeting the "Administration" requirement by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Care Services Division in OAC 340 Appendix EE and 340:110-3-7-1(b)(1)(footnote 14).  In addition the CDA earned after completing the NICCM's CDA Fast Track Course  also complies with the additional "Early Childhood Education" section of  director credential requirements by this same rule OAC 340 Appendix EE and 340:110-3-7-1(b)(1)(footnote 10).

Both NICCM's National Administrator's Credential and NICCM's CDA Fast Track Couse can be completed through a live 3 day events or through the Web Based Distance Learning Program

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NAC Course Information

The NAC course offered by NICCM has been approved by the Oklahoma Registry as meeting the requirement by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Care Services Division in OAC 340 Appendix EE for the Bronze Level "Administration" section to comply with the director qualifications required by rule 340:110-3-7-1(b)(1).

NICCM's National Administrator's Credential  can be completed through a live 2 and a half day event or through the Web Based Distance Learning Program .  National Institute of Child Care Management will be available to you by e-mail, or phone to answer your questions and guide you through the credential process. Participants will receive the prestigious "National Administrator's Credential" (NAC) upon completion of the Conference, the Praxis and the Examination. NICCM is the only National Director Credentialing organization to offer a Web Based Distance Learning Program.  Participants who are unable to attend a live conference can now receive the same quality training that participants at one of our live conferences receive.  Participants will be sent the 350-page conference book and an online login for the course.  Each participant has up to 6 months to complete the course once they are registered.

The NAC Course is divided into 5 Sessions each containing 2 distinct units of study. Each session is approximately 4 hours long. Participants can sign up for individual sessions or complete all 5 sessions and the Test/Praxis to earn their Director Credential. (45 contact hours/45 CEU's)

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CDA Fast Track Course Information

Get CDA Ready in as few as 3 Days.

The CDA earned after the CDA Fast Track course offered by NICCM meets the requirement by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Care Services Division in OAC 340 Appendix EE for the Bronze Level "Early Childhood Education" section to comply with the director qualifications required by rule 340:110-3-7-1(b)(1).

We know how easy it is to get so wrapped up in doing your job – that days, weeks, months and even years go by before you even realize it.  Now – like never before – it is vitally important to plan for your career, your life, AND your future.  At NICCM and HandPrint, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams AND we have developed a FAST TRACK method to help you do this. 

The Child Development Associate (CDA) is a nationally accepted early childhood credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. The CDA Fast Track course helps participants understand and meet the requirements of the Child Development Associate (CDA). 

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Oklahoma Child Care Licensing Rules: 


(b) Director.
(1) Position specific qualifications. The director:

(A)       is at least 21 year of age;

(B)       has satisfactory work experience;

(C)      has a current bronze or higher level certificate per OAC 340 Appendix EE – Oklahoma Director’s Credential;

(D)      is not a director or master teacher at another program that operates concurrently at any given time; and

E)       has a good understanding of the requirements and program policies.

                      Appendix EE. OKLAHOMA DIRECTOR’S CREDENTIAL


General Education

Early Childhood Education




High School Diploma or GED

6 EDE/CD/SA credit hours(4)

–or- CDA /CCP(10)


Oklahoma Competency Certificate in ECE(13)

3 admin/mgt credit hours(4)


Approved Admin Credential (14)


40 admin/mgt clock hours(15)

12 Months


10.      Current Child Development Associate (CDA) or Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) Credential

14.      Approved administration/management credential, such as the National Administrator Credential (NAC)

Disclainer:The CDA Fast Track and NAC courses are now considered formal professional development clock hours, they are suggested for earning the CDA or initial Oklahoma Director Credential and suggested can also be used for annual renewal. 


Registration Fees: NAC & 3 Day CDA Fast Track  Entire Conference
Early Registration (30+ Days in Advance) $459.00
Regular Registration (30-8 Days in Advance) $509.00
Late Registration (Within 7 Days of the Event) $559.00
Tutoring  $160
Distance Learning Program (Web-Based Online Video)
Distance Learning Program (additional $25 for Shipping Prioity Mail)  $509.00

All registration fees and other fees are non-refundable. 

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