Florida Director Credential Renewal

Florida Director Credential Renewal

At NICCM our goal is to provide you with many options to renew your current credential.  We can help you with renewal whether you have a NICCM National Administrative Credential (N.A.C), or are renewing your Florida Director's Credential, Florida Staff Credential, or CDA.

Renewing your Florida Director's Credential

The requirement to renew a Florida Director's Credential is set by the State of Florida and must be renewed every 5 years. The NICCM NAC course is worth the full 45 Clock Hours required to renew your Florida Director Credential and also gives you the added credibility of a National Credential. 


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Florida Director Credential Renewal Requirements

The State of Florida requires 3 things:

1. An active staff credential documented on CF-FSP Form 5206. 

2. 45  Clock Hours, 3 College Credits or 4.5 CEUS

NICCM offers a course that meets the educational requirement for Florida Director Credential Renewal. The National Administrator's Credential (NAC) Course will give you the 45 Clock Hours needed to renew your Florida Director Credential and will also earn you a National Directors Credential. NICCM's NAC Course can be completed through a live 2 and a half day weekend course or through the Distance Learning Program on Web-Based Version. 

NICCM is proud to be continuing our partnership with UAF to allow students who take the NAC course to earn College Credit.  Once participants complete the NAC course and receive their certificate, their completed UAF registration form will be submitted to the University with their grade. UAF will then Issue both a Certificate for 45 Vocational hours and a transcript for 2 College Credits. (A small fee may apply)

3. Professional Contribution Requirement

 Download Florida Director Credential and Renewal Application (CF-FSP Form 5290)

 State of Florida Regulations

Section 7 Active Staff Credential (No Documentation Required:

  • Staff Credential Verification Must be active at the time of renewal. 
  • Child Care Training Transcript will be used to verify an active staff credential. 

Section 8 Educational Requirement:

Training must be completed through one of the following:

  • 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) training certificates must clearly list the number of CEUs awarded and the date earned.

  • Three college credit hours from an accredited or U.S. Department of Education recognized institution – a copy of college transcript documenting the semester and year the college credits were earned. If the subject area and age range are not clear on the transcript, please include a course description provided by the university or college in which you attended the training. 

  • Forty-five clock hours completed at a Florida Career Education Center (public vocational or technical school), accredited Florida Community Colleges, Colleges, Universities or an institution licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.

  • Forty-five Department of Education district approved teacher in-service points. 

  • Any combination of the above training hours. (For example: 1 college credit +1.5 CEUs+15 vocational hours). 

Section 9 Professional Contribution Requirement:

One of the following professional contribution activities must be completed within the last five years:

  • Make a presentation in the field of early childhood or school-age education at a conference, association meeting, coalition meeting, or teach courses through an educational institution such as a college or career- technical center. (Documentation must include a copy of the presentation, agenda, syllabus AND sign-in sheet, class roster or conference brochure.)
  • Serve as an officer, committee member, consultant, or mentor in a professional organization related to the field of early childhood or school-age education. (Documentation must include proof of role in organization, including length of time involved and duties. Letter should be from the organization, client, or person being mentored. Membership alone does not satisfy this requirement.)
  • Publish an article related to the field of early childhood or school-age education in a professional journal, professional newsletter, newspaper article, letter to the newspaper editor, or book. (Documentation must include a copy of the published article and proof of publication such as the journal, newsletter, etc. Blog type activities do not satisfy this requirement.)
  • Participate in an educational research project related to early childhood or school-age education. (Documentation must include proof participation was at least three months in the research project.)
  • Complete initial or renewal of a Florida-recognized accreditation program. (Documentation must include proof of accreditation.) For a list of approved accreditation organizations, visit www.myflorida.com/childcare - select “Gold Seal Quality Care Program.”
  • Serve as a validator or advisor for a Florida-recognized accreditation program, as a National Child Development Associate (CDA) advisor, or as a school-age certification representative for the Florida Child Care Professional Credential School-Age Program. (Documentation must include completion of one validation or accreditation visit.)
  • Serve as an editor or reviewer for a professional journal or book. (Documentation must include proof of completion of review such as letter from publisher.)
  • Participate in a rule development workshop for a governmental agency. (Documentation must include proof of active participation at the rule workshop from agency holding workshop and include information shared. Active participation requires providing information for change, rationale for change, providing written suggestions, or sharing information or opinions on proposed rule.)

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