How do I earn a Florida Staff Credential?

How do I earn a Florida Staff Credential?

According to Florida licensing regulations you must meet one of 4 educational requirements to receive a Florida Staff Credential.

One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to meet this requirement is to take NICCM’s CDA Fast Track 2.0 class and earn your National Child Development Associate (CDA). The CDA Fast Track 2.0 class can be taken through a live 3-day event or through the Distance Learning Program from home.

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Florida Staff Credential Application CF-FSP Form 5211



Florida Staf Credential Requirements


A staff member with one of the qualifications listed below will be issued a CF-FSP 5206, April 06, Staff Credential Verification form. A copy of this form must be kept in the employee's personnel file.   

  1. National Early Childhood Certificate - Active National Child Development Associate (CDA) or other early childhood credential that meets or exceeds the requirements of the National CDA and is recognized by regulatory agencies in at least five (5) states. Recognition is determined by the Department.
  2. Formal Educational Qualifications 
a) B.A., B.S. or advanced degree in ONE of the following areas: Early Childhood Education/Child Development, Pre-Kindergarten or Primary Education, Preschool Education, Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly Home Economics/Child Development), Exceptional Student Education, Special Education, Mental Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Physically Impaired, Varying Exceptionalities, Emotional Disabilities, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Speech-Language Pathology or Elementary Education with certification to teach any age birth through 6th grade (certification may be inactive provided the certificate is not suspended/revoked). 
b) A.S., A.A. degree or higher in Early Childhood Education/Child Development 
c) Associate's degree or higher WITH at least six (6) college credit hours in early childhood education/child development AND at least 480 hours experience in a child care setting serving children ages birth through eight (8).
  3. Active Birth through Five Child Care Credential (Formerly the Florida Child Development Associate Equivalency Credential (CDAE))
  4. Active School-Age Child Care Credential

Florida Department of Children & Families - Florida Child Care Staff Credential Verification Application

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